Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Life Lately - March


We're already at the quarter mark for the year and if that's not depressing, the fact I didn't even get out on one walk through the whole of March is. Anyway, this is my March round-up, including our monthly couples self-portrait (from the back garden, yet again) seen above. 

To start, here are all the blog posts I've published in March over my 3 blogs -

Adventures of the Hallows - My Photo Diary Blog!
I have taken daily photos since 2013 (2014 were weekly photos) and I share them each week in blog posts.

And below is March's daily photo overview in calendar form. Many days have more than one photo so make sure to visit the posts above to see all the photos!


Our daily photos are usually a pretty good representation of what goes on in our life throughout the month, but for the things they don't show see below...

That there is a little more life around. 
Our Hawthorn bush we planted last year has come to life, our flower and vegetable seeds have shot up and the trees are beginning to wake up. 

Obviously, this section is going to always be taken up by the ongoing ridiculousness. 
I still can't go out for a walk or do basic things like get food or petrol safely and I hate it.

Unsafe, trapped, sad, annoyed.
But also lucky, appreciative, occupied.

About weight, to be blunt. Literally the main thing on my mind just now. I had hit the 1.5 stone mark but had a bad week and put on for the first time since December which sucked. As I type this I have now re-lost it but that's not the point. With having so much weight to lose I'm just impatient and constantly have that in my mind all day. 
It's not something I feel I can really talk much about either because wanting to lose weight and not being 'body positive seems so frowned upon these days, but I have many reasons and I am not on a 'diet'. Perhaps I'll blog about it all at some point.

Viva Durant and The Secret of the Silver Buttons by Ashli St. Armant, Bahni Turpin [Audio Book]
The Desolations of Devil's Acre by Ransom Riggs
Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab
The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket
Aesop's Fables with Colin Hay by Tom Graves [Audio Book]
Rumaysa: A Fairytale by Radiya Hafiza

The Big Bang Theory S4-9
Drag Race S13
Drag Race UK S2
Sister Sister S4
The Ripper
New York Minute
Family Reunion S1-3
Murder Among the Mormons 
Problem Child
The Worst Witch [2019] S1-3
Dancing with the Birds
Three Identical Strangers

Doing More
I would say exercise haha, but that has been my answer the past two months so I'm going to say cooking/eating/trying new foods. To anyone who actually knows me, that should come as a huge shock due to the fact I'm such a fussy eater. In the past couple of years since having a Chef as a husband, I've added a handful of new foods to my diet and despite not being interested in food or cooking I've actually ended up cooking a lot, especially new (to me) dishes.

Doing Less
Creative stuff. I've not done any painting, sewing, games, jigsaws - nothing!
I've got a half upholstered chair I've abandoned, a pile of painted rocks that I haven't been able to go hide in the woods, fabric to make new cushion covers for another chair shoved in a cupboard, a half-done jigsaw and goodness knows what other projects with no time to get around to.

Stand Out Moments
- Started the planting etc.
- Made yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies.
- Our first couples census haha!
- Lots of awesome new books.
- The Drag Race UK Finale.
- Got new front tires on the car.
- Cut the grass for the first time this year.
- Running my first ever Half Marathon.

This year I also started yet another new project, alongside my daily photos, 1 second of video each day. See below for our March video!